Rendezvous in Cabo Part 2

Picnic on the Beach Clarissa awoke to the sunshine streaming through the patio doors. A soft breeze floated over her sore body. She tried to extricate herself quietly from the bed, but Gavin held her in a tight grasp. She watched him sleep. He had long eyelashes and luscious lips. Reaching her finger to his … Continue reading Rendezvous in Cabo Part 2

Rendezvous In Cabo

The Acceptance Clarissa had spent many hours on-line with Gavin. She loved everything about him. He was handsome and smart, with a Scottish accent that would wet any girl’s panties. He was about six feet tall, dark hair and big brown eyes, a scruffy beard and a wicked sense of humor. When the trip was … Continue reading Rendezvous In Cabo

Lost Control

Lost Control… His sleepy husky voice sounded so sexy when he answered the phone. “Hey, is everything alright?” He leaned over and checked the time. “It’s a quarter after one.” “Yeah, I know its late, but... I know I said I wouldn’t call …” Her voice trailed off. He dropped his legs over the edge … Continue reading Lost Control

Latest Release

Vegas Bride RELEASED TODAY VEGAS BRIDE… I heard a song on the radio which motivated me to write this sexy short story. Maddie Simmons was out on the town playing slots when a sexy poker player grabbed her attention. Before the evening was over Cooper McCord had made her his lucky charm. They say what … Continue reading Latest Release

2017 Plans

The first arrival of unpublished poetry and a few short stories is currently waiting on you at Amazon.  ( ) I am hosting a takeover release event on Facebook. I have some key themed and heart loving ideas for giving away. Join me and lets celebrate the beginning of a new writing year. I … Continue reading 2017 Plans

Holiday Blues

If you haven't noticed, I have been MIA for a couple months. At first it was just to concentrate on promoting The Standridge Brides. I was hoping to get 50 reviews, ambitious, but I was optimistic.  I gave away close to 100 copies, so you would think. It was not for lack of effort, I … Continue reading Holiday Blues

Nature’s Kiss

  Nature's Kiss     (Flash Fiction 500 words or less) He watches me. I can feel his eyes caress my curves. I can hear him sigh when I bend over. He thinks the waterfall drowns out his moans. I hear them. I crave the sound. The rustling of the leaves tells me he is … Continue reading Nature’s Kiss