From Horses to Cowboys


I have never been a best selling author, or even in the top one-hundred. My writing journey has had many ups and downs. The roller coaster ride included the title Wild Horses. What started out as a short story published as an Indie Author, quickly became  popular once an editor checked it over and the cover changed by R.L. Weeks. I managed to receive twenty five plus reviews under the Wild Horses title. Much to the credit of Susan Meachen and free ARCs.

When I submitted my short story, and its sequel, to House of Dark Angel Publishers they wanted the whole story and Cowboy Take Me Away, a full length novel was born. After nine months of refining the writing process, a proud product was produced.

Garrett and Olivia’s love story continues. The full length novel includes more details, such as Phillip Powers connection to Olivia and their background. We delve into Garrett’s not so pristine past when his buddy Xavier Calder visits town. The story grows with a love triangle, a kidnapping, a fire, marriages and births. Don’t forget the sexy women and how they love their men. The story promises to take you on a ride through the gamut of emotions and make you fall in love all over again.

In conclusion, if you read Wild Horses and left a review, take a chance on Cowboy Take Me Away, you won’t be disappointed … 


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