Trust the Process

I can hardly believe another year has passed. I look back at the months and see change plus positive progress. I realize it has been almost a year since I published a book or story, thanks to those who have stuck by me. I recognize my fan base may have suffered but I am a believer in “Trusting the Process.”

In the last year, I have learned a great deal about myself and my writing, it isn’t as simple as putting the words on the page. I had naively joined a publishing company that believed in quantity over quality and for that my work may have been construed as sub-par. If you noticed, I have taken down several of my books because they need work. I learned there is a method to writing better storylines. The House of Dark Angel Publishers (HDA) showed me a process that challenged me to look past the outline and dig deeper for more.

I have always been a fan of The Profit, a reality program featuring Marcus Lemonis, a billionaire entrepreneur. His mantra is ‘people, process and product.’ He leads people to find their passion, and trust his process to produce a better product. HDA does the same thing with authors, if they are willing to trust their process.

I submitted, what I believed to be a fair story and had even written the sequel, but when HDA read it they saw potential for more IF I was willing to trust the process. That was my first trip back to the proverbial drawing board. They didn’t leave me blind, instead gave me a list of things that would better my course. Not to mention an eighty-thousand-word count goal, I had never written that many words ever on one story. With a certain amount of trepidation, I went to work on the story and researched some more. One thing suggested was better character development. I will tell you, I struggled with this one, but thanks to good ole Google and Cree Nations, I discovered a way to take a character from a name to a real 3-D person. I always speculated how authors talked about their characters as people, well now I know. IF your characters don’t feel real to you how can they possibly relate to your readers. It also goes without saying, ‘show me don’t tell me’ was a substantial change in my writing also include believable dialogue. Nobody talks in perfect English… Take two, worked on these changes and sent it back to the ‘screeners’ at HDA. 2

Take two was sent back a few weeks later with more suggestions. Ugh, I was so disappointed to the point of tears, but with encouragement and constructive criticism I was able to go a third trip through my book baby. One thing being a certain part was boring. What? NO Way? So, I added an exciting new character and wham bam, third time was the charm. My book baby went from screeners, to editors and now a formatter.

Along the way, I have added character experiences, life changing events, new characters, and a brand-new title, along with a gorgeous book cover. To all those who have enjoyed my books in the past, I’d like to express my gratitude and encourage you to watch for my newest and greatest accomplishment, Cowboy Take Me Away.

cover flat


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