Society’s Black Hole

The sky changes from year to year

Pollution is our climate control

Eats up our resources

How will our children live?

Other worlds to explore

Heavens opened up the door

Blocking out the sunlit paths

When will we get our lands back?

Portals opened invading our space

Taking over our home space

Wrecking havoc without a trace

Why have we become the losing race?

Mercury, Mars, Saturn too

Each planet is on the move

Deplete the earth to a hollow shell

Our strength tested beyond before we fell

Waters once clear now clouded over

Demonic creatures constantly hover

Carcasses left in the desert to rot

Our freedom stolen by the traitorous lot

Flames flicker on burning flesh

Prisoners held in the mesh

Ashes floating through the air

Remind us not to stare

For wickedness looks upon us T

heir methods anything but honest

Heroes fallen were angels dared

Hidden in the shadows none compare

Weapons are useless against this foe

Dig deeper inside your soul

Within each spirit find your goal

Set yourself apart be bold

Grow an army Against this enemy

Take back our land

Locate the free

Bloodshed should not be in vein

Loss of life a travesty

Children rise up with knowledge and power

The time has come now is the hour

Graves scattered in no order too many to sort along the border

Countries battle against each other

Demolished structures are unsafe clutter

Innocence lost no childhood for play

They carry weapons fighting gunfire sprays

Surrounded by death no holidays

Life’s civility only if you pray

Has God forsaken his chosen people

Or we forgotten to worship the steeple.

Music once played to soothe the beast

Replaced by screaming dying shrieks

Where can we find peace?

Another planet if the wars cease

Children I beg you find the solution

Or one day you may be made the crucifixion

Rose Ardent 2017



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