When Pigs Fly

If pigs could fly
Upon purple wings
And travel to lands in faraway dreams
Mountains of treasures they would bring
Fairies would dance and sprites would sing.
If pigs did fly with purple wings.

If pigs can fly with purple wings
Jealous animals feel the sting
How did the pig earn those things?
The cow wants to wear golden rings
The pig says “I can grant you the rings but first you must for me sing.”

An aria the cow does sing
The pig gave him the golden rings
The horse whineys and stomps his feet
If pigs can fly and cows wear rings
I want to sit upon a red seat
Standing all day is not a treat
The pig asks him to play a drum beat.

Rat-a-tat-tat he taps the drum
The horse takes a seat an orders some fun.
The goat says “Nay, you winged pig.
What else have you in that cup?
Something for me to jump?”
The winged pig digs past ths lump and hands him a hurdle to jump.

Jumping goat …  Seated horse
Ringed cow and winged pig.
What other treasures are found in the purple cup?
“Quack” says the duck
Purple wings and golden rings
A red seat and hurdle to jump
“What is in the lump you dropped to the floor?

It wiggles , it squirms.
Could it be a worm
Beneath the brocade throw?
The purple winged pig opened to show
A kitten soft and stretching her toes.
The others gathered to see her pink nose
A name will be needed for this gray-stripped tabby
Her collar says her name is Abby.

Chubby fingers stroke the tabby
Her other friends become quite crabby
A jumping goat and seated horse
A cow with rings and a pig with purple wings now in a pile
The magic cup with treasures dumped after awhile
All on one rainy day, from the  imagination of a child.pig wings

Rose Ardent 2017


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