Poetry Live Write

Grindhouse Poetry Live Write With Steven Evans

poetry pic

He worships my body down to my toes
The candle casts an eerie glow
Shadows caress the darkness inside
Awash in the sins I cannot hide
Behold the presence of demon screams
Once in my mind and only a dream
Drifting on the sea of consciousness
Voluntarily allowing him exploration of my substance
She moans and sighs with every touch
My wanting bitterness plunges a bit too much
I need to feel her essence, her very being
I need to to taste her for my own believing
Will my darkness enter her decadence
Will she accept my erected arrogance
wrapped and tangled splashing thrash
Passions rise to an incredible crash
Aromatic blends of he and she permeate the olfactory
Chill bumps cover naked flesh
Waters temperature needs refreshed
Lips singe skin and tongue sinks in
Silent cries bring things to an end
She hides the luscious crevice that’s drawn so many to their death
I whisper a silent vow to indulge in her sanctuary with my every breath
I’m lost in ecstasy and loving every beautiful minute
I pray to to whatever gods to forever keep me trapped in it
Just her scent drives made; I lose myself
The body heat demands satisfaction, for now, there is no help
Will she love me tomorrow
Can I bring more pleasure than sorrow
My love, my heart is yours from now til eternity
Whatever my life is it is now yours to mold as you want it to be
Fingers entwined behind his neck
Her mouth craves to kiss it, yet
Breathless pleas of satisfaction
She’s enjoyed the mutual attraction
Disappointment never crossed her mind
You’re prowess of her body has been sublime
Carry her from this frigid pool
Make love to her where the sheets are cool
To bed to sin with pleasures unknown
Brand her, mark her, make her your own
This night you become mine
This throbbing urge pulsing quick in perfect time
I lay you down and survey my feast
Succulent treasures given as tribute to the demon beast
Calm the monster hiding within
Yet, passion beckons me to unleash the monster within
Love can only carry you for so long
Til the lust is emptied and desire is gone
I smell the blood flowing through your veins
One taste and this demon love will never be the same
Goodbye, my love, til we meet again
We’re bound to repeat our original sin.

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