DGW2 Mending Hearts  http://tinyurl.com/jmop92m

Dillon GreyWolfe takes a vacation to let his heart heal. The cold winds of Colorado seemed the perfect spot, Manitou Springs held the perfect attraction. Until one morning he notices a beautiful woman with a baby in danger. Vacation over time to be a protector.


Wolfe smashed his mouth over hers to muffle the sound of her orgasmic screams. He pumped into her his creamy seed and collapsed until all the twitching and throbbing of their joined bodies subsided.

Willow watched Wolfe closely for signs of disgust or retreat, but there were none. She only sensed the mending of her heart into being a real woman.

“Is that what it is like to be with someone you care about?” Her naïve innocence was quite refreshing.

He caressed her face and wallowed in the virtuous woman lying beneath him. “Yes that is exactly how it is supposed to feel. And each time should only get better.” He kissed her face and brushed tendrils away. He grabbed a blanket from the sofa covering their naked bodies before the fire and under the tree. A sincerely special Christmas indeed.

Mending teaser

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