Stolen Teaser

DGW1 Stolen Heart  http://tinyurl.com/hokxo24

Dillon GreyWolfe was a well-known bounty hunter. He specialized in fugitive recovery and personal protection. Wolfe had no idea his next assignment he’d be doing both. Maranda Wright was in over her head and he was the only one who could save her and along the way, a heart would get stolen.


She licked her lips sending a twitch straight to Dillon’s cock. Damn sexy woman. His mind could think of several things to do with that mouth the least of which involved his hardening cock. He stood at the end of her bench and extended his hand. “Let’s go.”

Maranda eagerly took his hand. Although, the thought of being handcuffed bloomed deep within her belly, she relished the chance to test his hands. Dillon’s hands were rough from hard work, the sensation had her nipples perked and a small shiver shook her body. Within his strong grip, she knew there was no escape. Her head wanted to, but her body wanted more from Wolfe.

Inside the car, Dillon cuffed her to the door. “I don’t know about you, but I am running on fumes. I am going to find us a place to rest and you can tell me the rest of the story. Agreed.”

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