DR. Naughty Series

Couples Therapy    

Over the next four weeks we will be following Couples Therapy, if you are anxious for more please check out this link…The Dr. Naughty Collection https://tinyurl.com/naughtycollection    

Dr. Lucas Monroe specializes in marital therapy. Some may even call him a sex therapist. Sandra Garrett grows tired of the lack of sex in her marriage. She sets up an appointment, then confronts her husband. Jonathan, Sandra’s husband, was skeptical about seeing his wife with another man, yet he would do anything to save his marriage. The sessions Dr. Monroe has in mind will prove once in for all if this marriage can be saved.

Chapter One    The Confrontation             

Sleep was restless, tossing and turning the current state of her sex life over in her mind. Night after night she had spent back to back, with a peck on the cheek for a goodnight kiss. This routine was getting old fast, Sandra decided it was time to call in the doctor.

Sandra woke up feeling distraught. The constant pattern of months with no sex or intimacy has ruined her marriage. She loved Jonathan with all her heart, but as trite as it may sound, she had needs. Physical needs, he seemed to have forgotten all about.

In the beginning, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Morning, afternoon and evening spent in naked hours of passionate embrace. Now, they looked to be distancing themselves from each other and the problem was getting worse.

She heard the keys rattle in the front door. Jonathan was home. Sandra greeted him at the door wearing a light blue sundress with a V-neck to show off her ample bosom.

“Hello, darling. How was your day?” She brushed her lips across his cheek and pressed her breasts into his chest.

“Work was work.” Jonathan said, sweeping past her to settle into his recliner. He hadn’t even acknowledged her appearance.

Sandra knew there was to be a discussion at hand, but how to start? She took her place adjacent to him. “Before you flip on the set, could we talk for a minute?”

He stopped and studied her, and set the remote on the side table. “Ok, what is it?”

She shrugged her shoulders and took a deep breathe. “I am not happy. I feel distant from you. A loss of affection and intimacy. I feel like your roommate more than your wife. Although we sleep in the same bed, that is it, we sleep.”

“What the hell is it with you? It’s always about sex.” Jonathan scowled and gritted his teeth. “I love you, you know that.”

Sandra shook her head. “No, I am afraid I don’t. Sex is a healthy part of any relationship. Ours is not healthy It’s on death row. I have made an appointment with Dr. Monroe. He is a marital therapy doctor.”

Jonathan became animated, jumping up from his chair. “You want me to go to a fucking sex therapist?”

Sandra walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Yes a sex therapist. I need my virile husband back. If this can’t be fixed I am not sure we can continue.”

He slid his hands down Sandra’s back and hugged her close. “Ok, I will do it for you. I don’t want to lose you.” Jonathan decided swallowing his pride was better than losing his wife and marriage. “When?”

Sandra looked into his brown eyes. “Tomorrow at 4:00.” She nuzzled her head under his chin and he held her. For a few minutes, it felt like old times, until he looked down at her. “Sports Center is on.” He left her bereft and plopped down in his recliner again.

 Chapter Two     The Appointment

The next afternoon, Jonathan and Sandra passed through a dark heavy door into a regular looking doctor’s office. After they checked in, Jonathan whispered to Sandra, “Looks like any other doctor I’ve been to.”

Sandra chuckled. “What did you expect? Rigging hanging from the ceiling and pornographic posters on the walls?”

The nurse called us back to a lovely office with dark round leather chairs and a large oak desk complete with computer and various personal items belonging to Dr. Monroe. The view overlooked the city with its hustle and bustle, no indication what may happen beyond these doors.

The door to the office opened and in stepped a man six foot-four sex on legs. His blonde hair was neatly trimmed and eyes so blue, they nearly took Sandra’s breath away. His broad shoulders and tapered waist indicated a fit frame, that would more than likely, be firm and strong.

He walked directly over to shake hands. “Mr. Garrett, I’m Dr. Monroe, but please call me Lucas.”

Jonathan stood and introduced Sandra. “Dr. Monroe, Lucas, this is my wife Sandra.”

The blonde Adonis standing before her was mesmerizing. She found it difficult to stand with renewed warmth pooling in her dry bones. “Lucas, nice to meet you.” She gushed.

Lucas walked around and took a seat behind his desk. “Jonathan, Sandra, what can I do for you? We are going to get to be intimate friends so I will need you to be candid with me. So we can work through your problems.”

Jonathan was wringing his hands and looked to Sandra to get the ball rolling.  She wasn’t shy, she knew what needed to said. “Lucas, it’s been three months since my last orgasm and over two years since I’ve had real intercourse.”

Lucas made notes before looking to Jonathan for answers. “Are there physical limitations I need to be aware of?”

“On my last blood tests, I was tested for low T because of my waning sex drive and overall feeling of fatigue. The results were alarmingly low. I tried a couple of remedies but the overall effect was unsettling to me so I stopped.”

Lucas continues to scribble notes. “I see and have you sought to try other methods to increase your testosterone?”

Jonathan bowed his head and looked at the floor. “No, I didn’t feel the need to. However, we have compensated with various toys and stimuli.”

“Sandra, how does this make you feel?” Lucas and Jonathan both watched her response.

Sandra thought before she answered. “In the first place uncared for. Sex is important to me. I need it, doctor I crave it.”

Lucas continued. “Have you reached a compromise with the toys?”

She huffed and admitted to the doctor. “The toys make me feel like a damn science experiment. With the vibrator, ‘how long can I make her go’ or ‘let’s see if she will squirt’? Then he bought a strap-on. I have caught him watching television more than once. He stands there and pummels me. I don’t feel intimacy or affection. I might as well do it myself.”

“Jonathan, how does her admission make you feel?”

He swallowed hard. “She is right. I am disconnected, sometimes even bored. I mean I came along time ago. I am just going through the motions for her at this point and damned if she isn’t an energizer bunny, keeps coming and coming.”

Lucas cleared his throat and made a small adjustment under the desk. This man must be ludicrous not to be doing anything and everything he can to satisfy a sexually responsive woman like Sandra. “We need to work on connecting again, to begin with.  What about foreplay?”

Jonathan became defensive at this question. “I kiss her and touch her.”

Sandra smirked, looking at Lucas. He noticed her pink lips and her pert tongue peeking out for a swipe. Her eyes a green gray with flecks of gold. He imagined her looking up at him with those luscious lips surrounding his cock.

His eyes traveled down to the cleavage begging to topple out of her blouse. She must be aroused by his admiring her because her nipples are poking the fabric.

Lucas shook his head from his self-imposed hormonal fog. “Sandra, tell me about foreplay from your vantage point?”

His voice was a bit husky with lust. Sandra realized he had been staring at her. She ran her fingers through her long dark blonde hair. “In my opinion he is lazy. We lay facing each other kissing. Sure we are using tongue, but even that is not as good as it used to be.

He may massage a breast or pinch a nipple but not much more than that. Abruptly, his fingers press between my legs and he fingers me until I come.

Sometimes, little other times more, but by this time he has laid his head on my side and fingers is all I get. Unless, he is in the mood for a vibrator… I often ask because I need it. And on a really good day, he puts the strap on in for me. But that hurts his knees leaning against the bed, so that rarely happens.”

Lucas stood and walked around the desk. “Jonathan, is your mouth broken? Are you blind man? Can you not see the cues her body gives, when she is stressed or even horny? Have you checked out so far, you can’t see the hurt you are causing her?”

Lucas grabbed their file. “I see there is a significant gap in age. Jonathan is this your excuse?”

Jonathan moved away toward the door to pace. “I guess I never thought about what it was doing to her. I don’t know how to fix it. Lucas, can you help us?”

“I am glad to hear you say that, Jonathan. First step is exams. I will need you Jonathan to take a blood test so I can monitor your testosterone levels. And you my lovely Sandra, we need to make sure all your parts are in working order.”




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