DR. Naughty Series



Connections is a club located several miles outside of town. There are a few rules: first you must be a member, and everything is consensual. At least those are the ones we follow. To any passersby, the gate looks like what it is, an exclusive club. Exclusivity is not the only attraction. Once inside you are greeted by a hostess, the bar is on the left and past there is a restaurant. On the right is the lounge, only for socializing. Another one of those pesky rules is nudity is only allowed upstairs.

The hostess is centered in front of a grand staircase laden with red carpet leading to the upstairs rooms where all manner of kinky fuckery and debauchery can be found. Private suites are available, as well as a communal room.  For dungeons and more hardcore BDSM, the Mistress Carol instructs and plans these type events.

I have taken the time to dress appropriately for Paul tonight. I would like for him to squirm a bit before we go upstairs. Six inch stilettos in deep red and black sheer stockings with a black garter belt, a lace demi bra that my breasts spill out of and the dress is a red cocktail length with a V neckline. The most important little jewel is the crystal butt plug. I plan to walk up the stairs several steps in front of him, unless he notices before then. His cock cage will be bursting by the time I get him to the room.

I choose a seat at a tall bar table and order a glass of wine. My phone buzzes with a text.

    Mistress Rebecca where shall I meet you?

It is from Paul, of course. I send a message back.

Prompt my darling, I am in the bar.

He looks good enough to eat when he saunters through the entry of the bar. He steps up to me and lightly kisses my cheek. “Good evening, Mistress. How was your day?”

A wicked smirk curls up on my lip. “Delightfully relaxing and yours?” I repress a chuckle. I am sure that cage is heavy and uncomfortable but has he enjoyed the sensation of the pulling and heat?

He carefully takes a seat next to me, discreetly holding his caged cock hidden beneath his pants. A small grimace shows on his face. “I have done nothing but be a prisoner to your scent and the tugging of my cock reminds me of being inside of you. So frustrating would be appropriate. I’m so fucking horny I could throw you over this table and fuck you until you scream.”

I cannot contain my amusement at his answer. The laughter bubbles up mercilessly and I nearly spew my wine. “Well, I see my plan worked.” I grab his tie and kiss him aggressively. “Hungry are you?”

“Famished! I have worked up quite an appetite.” His eyes grow dark like amber liquid. I could get drunk on them easily.

I flick the keycard between my fingers, running the edge between my breasts. Leaning into his body, my lips hover over his. “Shall we satisfy our appetites?”

He moves more quickly now, only grunting when he stands, taking my hand we descend the stairs to the Rumpus Room. I get three steps ahead on the stairs and my ears overhear a gasp. I turn to give him a smirk. “Something wrong, darling?”

He gulps and catches up to me, putting his hand on my ass. “You are sparkling, Mistress, in the most delicious way.” He squeezes my cheeks and I moan at the delicious movement of the plug.

Paul moves his head into the crook of my neck. “That sound makes me hard, baby.”

I put my finger on his shoulder and push back. “Ah-ah-ah, Mistress. Remember? And it would do you well not to forget.” I caress his cheek and continue up the stairs.

The Rumpus Room is our favorite room. Paul and I have been once or twice. It has always been most pleasurable. The bed dominates the room with four posts and sits on a platform that extends a foot out on both sides, easier for kneeling. The closet holds many toys and implements for pain and pleasure, as one sees fit.

I fancy the sensory toys myself or a spanking. We have tried nipple clamps with an orgasmic trigger, not to be believed. The blindfold and of course, being tied or handcuffed. Tonight, I have a different plan.

Before I put the keycard in the door I turn to Paul. I tug his tie and pull him into me. “You realize once we are inside I am Mistress Rebecca and you are my pet? If you are not willing to do this, now is the time to tell me.”

His mouth descends to my lips and his tongue tangles with mine. Through his panting breathing, forehead to forehead, “Yes, Mistress, I am so ready for the games to begin.”

We have gone over the do’s and don’ts between us, no collaring, no humiliation, no fisting, and chosen our safe words, just in case. Mine is pink and Paul’s is stethoscope. Which sometimes is confusing when we play doctor, but this is my first session as Mistress.

“Ok, once we are inside I will go into the changing area. You will undress and take your position at the foot of the bed.”

He smiles a heart stopping grin. “Yes, Mistress Rebecca.”

I hold back a moan and open the door. The scent of hardwood and leather coated in sin wraps around my senses. I inhale deeply and stride across the room. I turn several scenes over in my mind. I tap the button on the wall for Mistress Carol to join me.

She appears in her black latex bustier with garter belt and stockings, along with 6 inch stilettos. I merely remove my dress and tie the key to a silk cord choker.  We link elbows and step inside where Paul is waiting on his knees, hands behind his back and eyes downward.

“Mistress Carol, my obedient pet. Is he not a delightful specimen to play with?”

Carol walks toward Paul. His body stands tall awaiting her instructions. “Indeed, Mistress Rebecca, you certainly have brought a special treat.” She circles his body tracing his muscular shoulders with the soft tip of a crop. “But I understand he is in need of punishment?”

She taps each shoulder with the crop. Red whelps form and my feelings for him urge me to kiss them, but I must stand my dominant ground.

I clear my throat and resume my persona. “Yes, an error in judgment, making me a slut.”

Mistress Carol stops in front of him now. She glides the crop down his chest and swirls the crop over his caged cock. “I recognize his punishment has already begun. Good girl, my protégé. Come here.”

I step toward Carol. She steps behind Paul and directs me to stop in front of him.  Her ruby red lips descend on mine with a passionate kiss. Her tongue pierces my mouth with knife-like precision. She grabs my neck and intensifies the kiss until I moan. My crotch is in Paul’s face. I can feel his hot breath on my thigh and hear him panting, imagining what is taking place above his head.

Mistress Carol realizes the situation and she wickedly laughs. “You may sniff her arousal, but do not touch.”

Paul nuzzles his nose against my bare lips. He makes a small hissing sound. I am sure his cage his cramping his rather ample cock. “Absorb the discomfort, for when I release you, it will be all the more pleasurable.”

He nods. “Yes, Mistress Rebecca.”

Carol hands me the crop and walks over to the treasure chest. “My pet, you may rise.” I instruct Paul. “Turn and face the wall.  I am going to secure your hands to posts.”

Dutifully, he rises and places one hand on each post. Once secured, I cannot help but run my hands over his body, mine for the taking, my pleasure, and my desire. Carol steps to the side of the bed and we crawl in on our knees facing each other.

“You may look straight ahead and watch, for now, my pet.” I wait for him to see my smile before I continue playtime with Mistress Carol. She has an extraordinary body. I look forward to sharing our mutual pleasure for him to watch. Her bountiful breasts, luscious lips and soft bare crotch have me melting before we touch.

Our mouths clash again as our bodies move closer to each other. Carol dips her head down to take one of my naughty nipples in her mouth. She then attacks the other. I hiss and gasp at the assault before she bites down and attaches a clamp to each one. The stinging pain sends a shot of adrenaline straight to my groin. I nearly orgasm when she gives the first tug.

Expertly, she guides me to the middle of the bed. My eyes find Paul’s and I see the delirious desire radiating from his amber orbs. Mistress Carol has lain down beneath me with a lapping tongue on my lips. She nips and sucks my swollen clit, and my body begins to shake in orgasmic bliss. She tugs the chain holding the clamps between my breasts. Moaning pleas of pleasure erupt from my lips. My eyes lock onto Paul. He is growing mad with need. He tugs at his bonds and I see his cock pressing for its life against the bars of the cage.

Mistress Carol is circling her clit and together a forceful wave shudders within both of us erotically succeeding in ecstasy. She places her fingers in my mouth that I may enjoy her release.

Carol rises and removes his restraints. “Lie down on the bed. We have need of your body.”

She instructs Paul and he is more than eager to comply. His body is our ‘x’ marking the spot. I again secure his hands and she his feet.

“Is it time, Mistress Carol? Is his punishment complete?” My eyes beg her to allow me to uncage his cock.

She caresses my face and kisses me once again. “Pet, have you learned your lesson? Do you regret your error?”

Paul raises his chin and looks at Carol. “Yes, Mistress Carol.”

She smiles wickedly at him, knowing full well he is enjoying this as much as they are, but it is part of the game. “Very well, release him. I have need of his cock.”

I unthread the key and open the lock. His swollen cock springs out covered in marks and sweet fluids. “Care to share, Mistress Carol.”

She and I lavish our tongues up and down, soothing his soreness. He tastes heavenly leaking precum and possibly having come also. The stickiness even dibbled down his balls and perineum.

“I think you were a naughty pet releasing without permission.”  He bites his lip but doesn’t speak.

I grab the mask Carol has put on the bed. “I think you’ve seen enough.” I pull the mask down and stick my tongue in his mouth. He sucks hard, tasting his cum and Carol’s.

My body is buzzing from an extreme orgasm. Now it’s Carol’s turn. She places her wet lips across Paul’s face. “Make me come, pet.”

He wastes no time in lapping at her dewy softness. I straddle his waist and rub myself against his hard cock while Carol and I kiss over his chest. I dip my head down to lick and suckle her nipples until she cries. I muffle her moans, and hear her soaking Paul with creamy orgasmic delight.

My own body is slippery ready for his. I turn around and impale myself on his stiff cock. “Oh God, your feel good, my pet.”  Carol’s hands quickly slap my ass on each side and I ride up and down his length, nearly popping out as I move.

Carol unties his hands and he grabs my ass giving my crystal plug some attention. She gets between his knees to lick my clit and his balls of their sweet liquors. Both of us are screaming oaths of remarkable sensations new and blissfully wonderful. She tugs on my clamps, then pops off one and rewards me with a swirl of her tongue and then the other. The incredible sensation ricochets my orgasm off the ceiling.

I stop and trade places with Carol, but first, I untie his ankles. She gets on all fours and I slide beneath them to do for her what she had done for me. Wicked as Mistress Carol is, she plunges her tongue deep inside me to taste the magic elixir of sin.

Three bodies writhe against each other. The moans and grunts of passion echo throughout the room. Cries and prayers of anticipation heighten the pleasure surrounding us. Soaked in sweat and sexual moisture, we collapse on the bed in a heap of satisfied lovers.

Paul pulls me into his arms for a kiss. He brushes the hair out of my eyes. He looks at Carol and motions her to join us. He kisses her too. They lie there quietly, and the only sound is beating hearts returning to normal.

Paul breaks the silence.  “One man’s punishment is another man’s fantasy.”


The Dr. Naughty Collection


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