Dr. Naughty Series

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The damn alarm clock didn’t go off this morning. I absolutely hate running late. Furthermore, the dog is having a yippy-yappy fit at the front door.

“Lucy, come to momma. Lucy, come here.” All my shouts to no avail, what is she barking about? Through the living room curtain there is a shadowy figure on the porch. It’s just the postman.

I stop to scratch the top of her furry head. “Really, you silly dog, did you think he was here to murder us?”

I open the front door and scoop up the mail. On a cursory glance through the envelopes, I spot one from Dr. Donaldson’s office.

“What the fuck?” I murmur under my breath.

“He has some nerve if he thinks I am paying this bill.” Tapping the paper on my palm, my mind mixes up the perfect punishment for this transgression.

I stride toward the bedroom and grab my phone off the nightstand. “This is Mistress Rebecca. I have need of the Rumpus Room this evening… say 8:00?” I pause for confirmation.

“…Fine, yes and alert Mistress Carol. I may need her services, as well.”

“Now, a visit to one Dr. Paul Donaldson, to exact his punishment.” The drawer of my nightstand holds many naughty treasures. Which one should I choose? A shiny metallic object catches my eye. “This is satisfactory. It should induce the required discomfort.” I chunk it in my bag and dress for the day.

Keys in hand, bag over my shoulder, I speculate my plot. “First stop, the doctor’s office.” I chuckle to myself, thinking about the look on his face when he sees me today.

I march up to the reception desk, head held high. “I wish to speak with Dr. Donaldson.”

The receptionist is not amused and she barely glances up. “Do you have an appointment?”

“No, I do not, but if you will tell him Ms. Carson is here, I am sure he will make time.”

She finally realizes who I am and she becomes animated. “Oh, Ms. Carson, I am sorry. I will let him know right away. Would you like to wait in his office?”

A wicked smirk curls up on my lip. “Why thank you. Yes, I would.”

She buzzes me in, and I stride toward his office, closing the door behind me. That was simple enough. Walking around his desk, I untie my coat, allowing it to fall to the floor. His chair is made of fine leather with a high back. Tucking my skirt up, revealing my hose and garter belt, along with my sinfully low cut shirt, should be enough to start a fire down below.

Voices outside the door signal his arrival. I swivel the chair around, putting my back to the door, I hear him tell his receptionist to hold his calls. The creaking of the door being shut sends me swinging around to face him. He nearly drops his chart at my appearance.

“Rebecca, what an unexpected pleasure.” He licks his lips while watching my breasts heave. He clears his throat and makes an adjustment to his trousers before approaching the desk.

“Yes, it is unexpected, but I assure you, it is not pleasant.” I lift the envelope from the purse on my lap. “Is there a reason this was sent to me? I don’t recall anything medical about our visits.”

He takes the papers from my hand, and his brow furrows. “Oh my Beauty, it must be a clerical error. You know I would never send this out.” He bends to kiss my lips in apology for his error.

We are nose to nose, so close I can taste him. “You don’t think I am going to simply acknowledge the error, Dr. Naughty? The punishment should fit the crime, don’t you think?” I nip at his lips before moving away from him.

His breathing hitches in expectation. I rifle in my bag, but my eyes never leave his. “I asked you a question.”

His is aroused, evident by the bulge in his trousers. He merely grunts. “Yes, Mistress Rebecca, the punishment should fit the crime.”

Dangling from my finger is a cock cage. Paul’s eyes grow wide in astonishment. “What the fuck is that thing?”

“Mouth!” I shout. “It is a cock cage. Its primary goal is to remind you who you belong to and make you a tad uncomfortable should you forget.”

His hand grazes the top of his trousers. “Yes, Mistress, but as you can see, my cock is begging for release. I hardly think I will be able to fit.”

“You are quite right. On your knees.” I hike up my skirt and spread my knees wide. His facial expression demonstrates unadulterated lust at my lack of undergarments.

“Have Mercy, stockings sans panties,” he speaks under his breath and scrambles to his knees.

Not distracted by his admiration, I continue with my instructions. “You will bring me pleasure with your naughty little mouth before you receive your punishment.”

“Yes, Mistress Rebecca, it will be my pleasure.” He nuzzles the straps on my stockings, making lazy licks up to the velvet folds oozing sweetness. Settling into the waves of his tongue, he sucks my clit, adding his teeth.

“Now your fingers,” I command and he dutifully obeys scratching that sweet spot when the convulsions start. Rapture has taken me away. His tongue returns licking, sucking, biting, now, writhing in waves of delirium, forgetting I am mistress.

“Give me your cock, now.” His fingers remain inside of me. His trousers drop to the floor with a clatter. Instantly, he rams into me, filling me to my limit.

“Fuck me, dammit.” My commands do not fall on deaf ears. The thrusts spark every nerve to ignite. He jerks my body up to his and forces his mouth on mine. Creamy remnants cling to his lips, my tongue relentlessly extracting the flavor from his face.

Paul plants my ass on his desk and pistons his hips into me harder and harder. I use my hands behind me for leverage and push back. “Oh yes!  Make me cum now.”

He slides his thumb over my clit, drawing delicious circles, pushing me over the edge. My head falls back and I fight not to scream, curling my body in on itself to absorb the orgasm raging through my body. His cock fires off inside of me, ricocheting his release. I absorb twitches from his cock, the engorged blood returning to its rightful place.

“My god, that was intense, Rebecca.” His breathing returns to normal. My body is now laid out flat on his desk. I hitch my heels on the edge. “Lick me clean.”

“Yes, Mistress Rebecca.” He kneels once again between my thighs. The warmth of his tongue soothes my swollen folds.

“Now kiss me and share our passion.” My hungry mouth devours his enjoying every moist savory bite.

Paul leans up to look at me with a smile. “What about me?”

“You have not earned it. Stand back.” I grab the cage and secure his sticky semi-flaccid cock inside the locked cage.

I smirk at him when the lock clicks and I drop the key down my bustier. “You will wear this until we meet again.”

I tumble off his desk, smoothing my skirt, and grabbing my bag. I spy him from the corner of my eye jerking up his trousers. “What the hell? When? I can’t wear this thing indefinitely?”

Checking myself in the mirror, I apply lipstick and check my hair. “Perhaps, you should have keep better records, avoiding those pesky clerical errors.”

The door squeaks shut behind me and I send him a text message.

Paul is dazed, trying to reason the events of the last few minutes. His cock twitches and he discovers the feeling of pinching tightness. “Ouch, this is going to be a long afternoon.”

He gives his cock a rub, trying to get comfortable. He hears his phone vibrate on the desk.

Meet me at 8:00 Connections,

 I have reserved the Rumpus Room.

Mistress Rebecca xxx

 dr collection cover

The Dr. Naughty Collection   https://tinyurl.com/naughtycollection


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