Part 3 Rendezvous In Cabo

Date Night


They showered off sand and salt in places it should never be and took a short nap. The ocean breeze cooled their warm bodies and the sound of waves lapping at the shore line lulled them into a refreshing slumber. Clarissa woke up first and grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge.

She knelt next to him on the bed, “Hey, sleepy head, time to wake up.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek. Gavin rolled towards her.

“Looks like the sun kissed my baby today. You feeling ok?” Gavin’s fingertips traced a line from her shoulder across her tanned breasts.

“Oh I feel marvelous. I have always wanted a to tan with no tan lines. You’re a bit pink yourself.” She bent over, kissed his lips, and held out a bottle of cold water to him. “Hydrate, the sun has zapped us along with our afternoon tryst on the sand.” She sniggered.

He chugged the water and swiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Thank you, lass, I was parched indeed.” He rolled his body toward her and placed his head in her lap.

Clarissa combed his hair with her fingertips. “Still up for our date tonight?”

He kissed her tummy. “Of course, are you? I want what you want. Our last night together should be special, aye?”

She hugged his head to her body, “Guess we better get dressed then. I am beginning to get hungry and I would hate to keep my date waiting. He has a voracious appetite.”

Gavin laughed. “Indeed he does, for you my naughty baby.”

They both giggled and rolled around on the bed for a bit, before Clarissa disentangled herself from the Gavin. “We will never go out if we don’t stop.” She toyed with his bottom lip. “Remember, anticipation has its own rewards, and I plan on rewarding you greatly.” She smashed her mouth against his and sucked his tongue. He moaned in acceptance and relinquished his hold on her.

Gavin dressed in a pair of dark slacks and a crisp yellow button down.  He settled in to the sofa with a whiskey and waited on his lover to appear.

Clarissa had chosen many months ago a slinky red strapless dress. Red is Gavin’s favorite color. He had seen it through Skype and nearly melted on the spot. She donned her red lace thong and a pair of kitten heel sandals. She pulled her hair up in a messy ponytail, leaving her neck exposed.

She entered the living area. He stood and stalked toward her with intent.

“My god, you are stunning.” He ran his hands down her dress feeling every curve. His cock grew hard with thoughts of removing that dress with his teeth to feast on the lovely creature beneath. One hand on each hip, he pulled her into his body for her to feel his reaction.

She inhaled at the abruptness. “Yes, I believe Mr. F. approves of the dress. How about my darling Gavin?”

He kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Let’s put it this way, the dress only compliments the beauty beneath it. And if we don’t leave quickly, I am going to destroy that dress and fuck you until tomorrow.”

She blushed at his crude but inspiring words. Her hand caressed his cheek and was compensated with a kiss. “That my darling is entirely up to you. I could dance with you right here and be insanely happy.”

Gavin took her hand and led her to the middle of the room. He encircled her waist and she his and laid her head on his chest. They moved slowly against each other moving to the music. She listened to his heartbeat and tears slid down her cheeks.

Gavin tipped her chin up to meet her lips. “Don’t cry my love. Please say these are happy tears?”

Clarissa tried not to sob, “It is a mixture of both. Bittersweet they call it. I don’t want this moment to end and yet I know it must. I am so content in your arms and bereft without them.”

She couldn’t hold back the sobs any longer. Gavin held her close and rubbed her back. They swayed to the music until she calmed down.

Gavin tried to lighten the mood. “Let’s order some dinner and we can talk about the future before I rid you of that stunning red dress.”

Clarissa grinned. “I must be a mess. I will freshen up before dinner and I will be pleased for sir to remove my dress.”

“Oh now you’ve done it called me ‘sir’. Shall we play that game, my lovely.” Gavin smirks through dark hooded eyes.

She trembled as the mood changed darker. “Yes, oh yes.”

When she returned, Gavin had a surprise for her. He was seated in a leather chair across the room. “Come here,” he beckoned.

She obediently went to him. “Turn around.” Again, she did as he bid. He slid his hands up under her dress and massaged her cheeks. “You do have one magnificent arse baby.”

He ran a finger between her cheeks and continued around to her lips. “I see you are as aroused as I am. You are soaking wet.” She whimpered and tried not to wiggle.

He pushed her dress up and exposed her ass. “I have a present for you baby.” He pulled a butt plug from his pocket and traced between her cheeks. His finger pulled the string from her panties to one side and he licked her pucker. He felt her tense. “Relax baby. You know we won’t if you don’t like it.”

Clarissa licked her lips and swallowed hard. “Yes, sir. I remember.” Anal sex had been topic of many discussions, both eager to try.

Gavin ran two fingers down to her clit and rolled over the top of her clit. She moaned and rotated her hips. He smacked her ass, she yelped. “You know to be still. You don’t want me to punish you?”

“No sir, I forgot myself momentarily.”

“Good girl. Now I am going to make you come and then I am going to insert this plug in your delectable arse. Dinner should be here by then.”

She shook her head and braced herself for his instructions. Again, he began to circle her clit only he added his fingers deep inside of her. She could feel the familiar building of warmth and moisture. He bent forward and licked and nibbled on her ass, all the while rubbing his fingers tortuously inside her body. “Sir, I am close.”

“You may come, baby.” Those words barely met her ears before she was spiraling out of control. Her body imploding and convulsing around his fingers. He rubbed the plug against her swollen lips in the sloppy wetness produced by her orgasm.

He slowly inserted the plug inside her pucker, feeling the resistance and shoved harder. She pushed back enjoying the sensation it produced. “How’s that baby? Are you feeling alright?”

Still trying to catch her breath, she replied, “Oh yes sir, I am more than fine. May I return the favor, sir?”

The buzzer to the door alerted them to dinner. “You my darling are saved by the bell.” Gavin chuckled his way to the door. Clarissa pulled her dress down and stood up. The intrusion in her body felt awkward, but she would grow accustomed to it.

Once the dinner was served, they ate and chatted about many things.

Gavin wanted to be clear about his intentions. “Clarissa, my love, I have loved you for some time now. Our worlds are so far apart. That being said, can we compromise on a solution to this long distance romance. I don’t want to leave you.”

Clarissa’s eyes threatened with tears again. “I am willing to compromise or just give in. I don’t want to leave you either. But there is an elephant in the room. Shall we address her before we continue?”

Gavin covered her hand with his. “She has already gone. She was tired of competing with a dream. You are no longer a dream but my reality. Let’s make this work.”

He knelt down in front of her and opened a box. “Please take this as a token of my love and come home with me. Be my forever.”

Clarissa covered her mouth with her hand and cried tears of joy. “Yes, I will come back to Scotland with you and be your forever, out forever.”

He took the ruby heart pendant and placed it around her neck. He took the pins from her hair and tossed them on the table. His fingers ruffled her silky locks. He helped her up and used his thumbs to wipe away the tears.

His mouth found hers, starved for passion. His fingertips traced her spine and searched for the zipper. Finally, the silky red swath fell to the floor. Naked once more for his pleasure. Gavin untucked his shirt, joining the dress on the floor. Clarissa stood still waiting his instructions. “Hands on the chair.”

She took her stance, hands on the arms of the chair ass high in the air. Gavin could not resist smacking her perfectly tanned rear. She reminded him of the perfect shade of caramel and he had a sweet tooth. He palmed her ass and separated her cheeks, removed the plug and kissed her there. She hissed in excitement.

His hand struck her ass once more, she squeaked but caught on to his cadence. He struck and rubbed between her lips. He continued to drag her wetness into the crack of her sweet ass. He kept this up for ten strikes.

She panted and tears ran down her face, but her pussy throbbed for release. “Sir, please.” She cried out.

“Patience, baby.” He kissed her back and she heard his belted trousers drop behind her. His wet cock teasing her from clit to hole. She braced herself to be still, but the frustration was too great.

He placed his hard cock against her puckered flower. It had bloomed so nicely under the tutelage of the plug. He started forward and she pushed back, he passed the ring and was balls deep. Clarissa shivered and he drew back slowly and slid home. She felt so deliciously tight, Gavin wasn’t sure how long he could hold out.

“You feel amazing baby. Good girl. How do you feel?”

“Frustrated… but enjoying the new sensations.” She whispered, teetered on the precipice ready to give in to her carnal pleasure.

“Let’s go then baby.” Gavin gathered his reserve and increased the speed. “Come on baby, be a good girl and come for me.” Sweat beaded up on his upper lip and waited for her to let go.

Clarissa dropped her head to the seat of the chair and wailed an orgasm that doubled her over. The intensity buckled her knees. Gavin held her hips to him and spurted his seed deep inside her ass, before they collapsed onto the rug in a sweaty, sex laden head.

They gasped for air, both experienced this moment for the first time.  No rational or planning could have prepared them for the satisfaction. “Baby, that was truly remarkable.” He kissed her sweaty neck.

She licked her lips and smiled brightly. “Oh hell yes, we can do that again.”

Gavin mocked her. “Now?”

“Awe, my priapic monster needs a recovery period?” She teased him and kissed his scruffy chin.

“Just a little one and then watch out. That pink pussy is dessert, you’re a naughty minx.” Gavin scooped her into his arms.

Clarissa laid her head on his shoulder. “Only for forever…”

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