Rendezvous in Cabo Part 2

Picnic on the Beach


Clarissa awoke to the sunshine streaming through the patio doors. A soft breeze floated over her sore body. She tried to extricate herself quietly from the bed, but Gavin held her in a tight grasp. She watched him sleep. He had long eyelashes and luscious lips. Reaching her finger to his lips, she traced them. He wiggled his nose. Clarissa laughed a little bit, but he loosened his grip on her. She slinked down the bed to find Mr. F. (that’s short for Mr. Fuzzy) standing at attention. She flicked her tongue at the tips, just barely visible above the foreskin. She licked down the shaft to find two red kiwis drawn up in a bow.

“Looks like a present just for me.” She murmured to herself. Gavin rolled onto his back. Clarissa used his tummy for a pillow and continued he inspection. She gently persuaded the foreskin to expose some of his cock. Yummy juices started to gather at the tip. She sucked the head into her mouth, which elicited a cry from above. He tasted exquisite and she sucked him in deeper.

Gavin stirred now and placed his hands on her head. In a husky Scottish accent, “Good morning baby.”

Clarissa popped his cock out of her mouth. “It most certainly is. Mr. F. was begging for attention. I was only too happy to oblige.”

In a sleepy chuckle, “Oh, was he now, horny bugger. Bless my baby for taking care of things.”

Clarissa sucked one of his firm kiwis into her mouth and he hissed in satisfaction. She rolled her tongue around it and moved to the next one. She licked under his sack and with a wet finger found his pucker. Gavin didn’t wince but raised his knees in approval.

She returned her ministrations back to his cock. Her fascination with it continued, but she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to taste him. She resumed sucking him into her throat allowing him to use her.

She reached for her own juices and rimmed his ass before inserting her finger inside. He relaxed into a steady pace and she inserted a second finger. Clarissa positioned her body facing his feet atop his rigid cock and continued to pump his ass and his cock simultaneously.

Muffled pleas of incredulity fell from Gavin’s lips, he bucked and shuddered into Clarissa and she too came with a vengeance of pure raw lust.

Clarissa leaned back onto his chest. He grabbed her nipples and rolled them between his fingertips. He kissed her face and whispered into her ear, “You are not making this easy on me. My god you have turned me inside out this morning.”

She laughed and rolled around to kiss him. “Isn’t it all about the pleasure? I wanted to please you in many of the ways we have discussed.” She held his face and kissed him. “You know that I love you. It’s not easy for me either, but I will be damned if I am not going to enjoy the moments we have.”

Gavin hugged her close to his chest. “You are right, of course. And I love you too, baby. I am sorry to bring it up. So, what shall we do today?”

“Actually, I was hoping to have a picnic on the beach. Walk in the water, swim just lazy stuff really. Spend time together. Sound ok?” Clarissa felt melancholy over the time limitations.

“Would you like to get dressed up and go out to dinner and dancing tonight? I have heard great things about clubbing in the area.”

“I would love to be your arm candy tonight, my darling Gavin. I brought my special red dress you love so much.”

“It’s a date baby.” He kissed her and rolled over on top of her. “Now where’s the coffee?”

Clarissa burst out laughing. She was all too familiar with his routine. “Coffee will be ready as soon as you shower. I’ll even order breakfast.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a deep passionate kiss.

Gavin rubbed his face against her cheek,” Guess I better shower before we awaken Mr. F. for another round. At this pace, we will never get out of bed.”

She pursed her lips and winked at him. “That wouldn’t be so bad. You may tire of me too soon though, better shower instead.”

He smoothed the hair away from her cheeks, “I will never tire of you ever, I love you.” He kissed her one last time and went in the bathroom. “While I’m showering, order breakfast, so we can get back to being bored with each other.”

Clarissa launched a pillow at the bathroom door. He ducked and laughed heartily.


The concierge delivered a picnic basket mid-morning. It consisted of wine, cheese, crusty bread and olives, also fresh strawberries. They dressed in modest swimwear considering the sun and set off down the beach. Not far from their bungalow was an outcropping of rocks that would provide shade and even more privacy.

Clarissa pointed the rocks out to Gavin. “Splendid. That looks to be the perfect spot.” They placed the blanket on the sand and hid the basket under the overhang and went for a dip in the waves.

Clarissa was wearing a romper and slipped it off to reveal her heavy breasts and freshly shaven mound. Gavin gasped at the sight of her body glowing with the sun’s rays.

“Shall I put the sunscreen on your body baby? Would not want these to get burned.” He smoothed the cream over her ample breasts and tweaked her nipples for a squeal.

He took her hand and started toward the water’s edge. “Gavin, darling, you are horribly overdressed for swimming.”

He grinned wickedly at her. “You, naughty minx, more surf-play before lunch?”

She dropped his hand and ran into the sea. He divested his trunks and followed her into the foamy waves. The cool waters didn’t deter the lovers from cavorting passionately in their private sea.

Gavin swept Clarissa into his arms and flipped her back to him. He bit her neck and sucked her shoulders, the bitter salt water was no barrier to his lust for her. His cock found her wet from her own warmth and slipped easily into her clean shaven lips. She bounced up and down on his cock, his fingers stretched her nipples until they ached.

He forced his hand beneath the water to find her clit and swirl it deftly until she shuddered in his arms. The convulsive grip around his cock left little room for him to move, but he could hold on no longer forcing her hips down onto his shaft.

“Clarissa, baby, I am coming now. Don’t stop …hold onto me.” She grasped his hands and held herself close until he growled in her ear. She laughed at the animal sound he made and floated away.

“Catch me my darling, I love you.” Clarissa swam out into the depths.

Gavin took a deep breath and caught up to her. “I love you as well my baby.” He pressed his lips to hers and sealed his words between them.

“You’re getting a bit pink, shall we eat a bite in the shade?”  Clarissa kissed his cherry nose.

“Yes, I have had enough of the sea for now.”

They toweled off and slipped under the overhang. Clarissa laid out the food and Gavin opened the wine. After he poured, she dropped a strawberry in each one. They sipped wine and ate quietly for some time mesmerized by the waves.

Clarissa cleared the food, except for the wine and laid down on the blanket. Gavin followed her cue and moved to her side. “This has been a magical time with you. I wish time would stand still and tomorrow would never come.”

Gavin lightly traced her jaw with his fingertips. He had never been so close to beauty and honesty, it overwhelmed him. “Aye, love, it has been indeed the most magical. Time stands still for no one, but we have today and tonight. Tomorrow brings its own problems, but just for today it is only you and me.”

“Gavin, make love to me here and now. I need to feel you inside of me.” Clarissa teared up with overwhelming emotions.

No words needed to be spoken. He placed his lips on hers and she parted her lips. His tongue swept in tasting wine and strawberries, she sucked the sweetness from his.

Then, he sipped wine from his glass and returned to her mouth. He allowed the liquid to flow into hers. She swallowed and moaned deeply into his mouth.

He leaned up to look into her eyes. They had become dark with desire and flecks of green sparkled through the grey. “Want more, my Clarissa baby?”

A breathless response fell from her lips. “Yes.” He repeated the process until all that remained was a drunken strawberry. Gavin retrieved it and held it to her lips, his only command was “Suck”. Her lips enclosed around it and she sucked the wine from the red fruit. His next command was “Bite”.  She sank her teeth into the juicy strawberry and the juices ran down her chin. He sucked up the sticky mess and groaned against her cheek.

“Now it is your turn, Gavin.” He held his hands out in surrender. “Lie down for me.” He laid down on the blanket and watched her every move.

Clarissa took her wine and dribbled small drops into his tummy button. She slurped and tongued until nothing remained. Gavin squirmed at the intrusion of the cool liquid but adjusted quickly to her romantic behavior. His cock swelled and twitched for her attention. She smiled against his tummy and released the strawberry onto his body. She glided the berry all around his hard cock, then began to enjoy the sticky sweetness. Strawberries, wine and the taste of his flesh was a special cocktail to be savored and enjoyed.

Gavin’s hands found purchase in the tangled mess of her hair. He stroked her and hissed in joy at the sensations she created. He had never experienced being eaten in such a decadent manner. He was having difficulty when she impaled her sweet lips and held him at the back of her throat.

“Clarissa come up here and ride my face baby.” She complied and straddled his shoulders and sat down on his tongue. Gavin salvaged the remainder of the strawberry and ate it out of her pussy. She pulsated around his chin and cried out when be bit her clit. When she thought she would combust, she screamed out his name and let it go.

Gavin replied with loud sounds of pleasure. She regained her strength and moved down to insert his sticky rod into her gloriously wet pussy for him to achieve his release. He wrapped his arms around her waist and guided her in a steady pace. She entwined her fingers behind his head and kissed his neck and shoulder. The scruffy hairs of his happy trail lent enough friction to her clit. She began climbing the ladder to the stars once again. Inside her body, his cock twitched encapsulated by her walls and they began the descent together. She laid her head back and let out the silent scream of raw carnal passion and he exploded deep within her body, grunting through his release.

They collapsed in a heap onto the blanket. “I am ruined for life, there will never be anyone to compare to you.” Clarissa mused listening to his heartbeat slow down.

“Nor I my love. You are truly one incredible woman. None will measure up after this weekend.” He stroked her hair and down her back. “I do believe showers and a nap are in order before our date tonight.”

“Agreed. I don’t really want to move.”

Gavin chuckled deep in his chest. “Neither do I but we must.”

She raised her head and looked at his dark eyes. “I will always love you Gavin. Believe that.”

A smile crept across his face, “I do believe it and so should you. Our love has been for a season, a time of need for the both of us. I hold a special place in my heart for you forever.”

He kissed he deeply and held her close. Then, he smacked her ass, “Come on, time to cool off. We have a date to get ready for.”

Clarissa yelped and rubbed her rump. “Well, since you put it that way.”


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