Rendezvous In Cabo


The Acceptance

Clarissa had spent many hours on-line with Gavin. She loved everything about him. He was handsome and smart, with a Scottish accent that would wet any girl’s panties. He was about six feet tall, dark hair and big brown eyes, a scruffy beard and a wicked sense of humor.

When the trip was planned it was spur of the moment, but both parties knew this may be their one and only opportunity. Gavin was coming overseas on a business trip to Cabo San Lucas. Three days in heaven, getting to know the person you pined for daily, was a priceless adventure.

Clarissa’s trip was not near as exciting, she traveled from a California, yet it took courage for both of them to meet face to face. Skype was no substitute for the real live person.

Clarissa noticed the time and began to prepare for Gavin. She slipped into a sexy red dress with barely- there straps and admired her reflection. Clarissa was a bit curvy with shoulder length brown hair. She stood about five feet four inches in her bare feet Her eyes were a combination of green and grey, usually referred to as hazel. She touched up her lipstick and slipped into her stilettoes.

Clarissa opened a bottle of wine and was about to pour when a knock came at the door. “He’s here.” She huffed under her breathe.

She quickly walked to the door, paused for a deep breath and smiled her sexiest smile. “Hello, Gavin. We finally meet.” She leaned into him for a light kiss and stepped back to allow him entry.

“Aye lass, you are more beautiful than my wildest dreams.” Gavin wasn’t shy, he wrapped his arms around Clarissa’s waist and pulled her into a sensuous kiss that was long overdue.

Clarissa didn’t resist, she had been aroused most of the afternoon playing this scene over and over in her mind. He tasted so good. His tongue swept into her mouth and claimed her with a nip on her lip.

His hands cupped her face, “You taste sweeter than the ripest fruit, my Clarissa. Forgive me for being so bold?’

She raised her hands to play with the tendrils of hair touching his collar. Her head raised to look him in the eye, “There is nothing to forgive. I feel accepted and I hope you do as well?”

His hands ran down her back, and landed on her plump cheeks. He pulled her body into his. “Does this feel like acceptance, lass?”

She tipped her head back exposing her throat. “It feels like so much more.”

Gavin nibbled her neck and kissed the base of her shoulder. She shuddered at the thrill of his warm lips on her body. She felt the heat rising inside. Suddenly, they were all hands and tongue and lips. They panted in their lust filled frenzy.

Clarissa backed away from Gavin, took his hand, and led him into the bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and watched her dress tumble to the floor. Her body was bare beneath. Gavin gulped and stalked toward her, his primal urges on display.

His shirt rapidly flew onto the nearest chair and his shoes were kicked away. He pulled at this belt and dropped his pants to the floor. Clarissa could see moisture through the fabric of his boxers.

Gavin ate up the space between them in two strides and picked Clarissa up and attacked her mouth once more. He sweetly deposited her on the bed and bit her nipple. She sighed and arched off the bed, and held him close to hear, needing more. He meandered between the two globes, biting and sucking until she cried out to stop.

His hand smoothed down her tummy and landed on her mound. He pressed his fingers between her lips. “So wet my baby. So fucking sexy.” He licked his fingers and went back for more.

Gavin pushed up onto his knees and lavished kisses down her sculpted curves to find the flower bursting with nectar. His tongue buzzed up and down her lips, lapped up every drop. Clarissa couldn’t take much more, she squirmed and begged for release. “Gavin, please … Oh Gavin I need you.”

“My God you taste delicious. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Gavin, I am going to come,” she squeaked out scarcely able to hold on to her composure.

“Let it go, Clarissa, baby. I want to hear how I make you feel.” Gavin didn’t stop sucking on her clit until she had screamed and scrubbed herself against his scruffy beard. He changed to merely licking her clit until she crash landed back on earth.

“My god, Gavin … that was …” she gasped trying to catch her breath.

“Oh baby, I am not even close to being finished with you.” Gavin grinned against her thigh before he bit her. She yelped but lightly chuckled in acquiescence. He sat back on his feet between her knees.

Being from Scotland, he is uncircumcised and Clarissa had never experienced this before. She watched intently as Gavin readied himself to enter her. Of course, she had seen Mr. F. many times in their talks and things on Skype. But to finally touch him was indeed rare and enchanted.

“Is it going to feel different?” Clarissa asked.

Gavin smirked. “You tell me baby. We are about to find out.”

He drove into her sweet folds and found her slick entrance. Balls deep inside her he could feel how tight she was and how he craved this feeling. He also had seen her pink wet pussy and wanted many times but to participate was beyond compare. “Clarissa, you are amazing baby. So tight and slick.”

Gavin pushed her knees back with his arms, rhythmically pumped in and out in circles. He was scouting out the perfect spot to bring them both the greatest pleasure. Clarissa clinched and squealed. “Oh yes… right there… don’t stop.”

The pitch of her voice escalated beyond words to silent cries of passion. He kept going until he too was beyond words, her body constricted around his, until he groaned loudly spurting his seed deep within her. 

Gavin laid down beside her and kissed her. She could taste her own juices and sucked on his tongue. He groaned anew with pleasure.

He looked into her dancing eyes, “I have an idea.”

She smiled wickedly up at him.” And what is that?”

“Private beach?” He lifted an eyebrow at her.

“Of course, only for us.”

“Aye. Then let’s go for a dip to cool off and watch the sunset before dinner.”

Feeling naughty, Clarissa smirked and replied, “My darling, Gavin, I love how you think.”

He kissed her once more and rose from the bed. He offered her his hand and they sprinted toward the refreshing water. The water allowed relief from the humidity and midday sun. They splashed about before embracing and found passion among the waves.

Clarissa straddled his waist and Gavin impaled her upon his hard cock. The buoyancy of the water and movement of the current led to slow sensual foreplay. The couple adrift one inside the other. Clarissa laid back into the water still attached to Gavin at the waist. He rubbed the delicate pearl with his thumb and whispered words of passion to her.

Her screams of release were muffled by the crashing of the waves upon the rocks. Gavin too, succumbed to the rippling of the walls surrounding his cock. They landed on the beach with waves lapping at their legs deep in an erotic kiss.

“Why have we not done this sooner? I feel as if I have missed so much.” Clarissa thought out loud.

Gavin brushed her hair away from her eyes. “Timing, my baby, just poor timing.  But we are here now and it feels right to me.” He kissed her once more and decided. “Lets grab a shower before the sunsets.”

They clambered into the bungalow and rinsed off sweat, sand and sea.

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