Lost Control


Lost Control…

His sleepy husky voice sounded so sexy when he answered the phone. “Hey, is everything alright?” He leaned over and checked the time. “It’s a quarter after one.”

“Yeah, I know its late, but… I know I said I wouldn’t call …” Her voice trailed off.

He dropped his legs over the edge of the bed. “You’ve been drinking.” He shook his head.

“A little bit, mostly thinking and remembering.” Another photograph landed on the bedroom floor with all the others.

He sighed into the phone. “What have you been thinking about?”

“How I would rather feel hurt than be numb. I need to feel you here with me.” She pleaded with him. “I can’t stop remembering.” She knocked back another shot of whiskey. The amber liquid ignited the fire in her belly.

“Dammit woman, don’t you think it’s as rough on me? I feel it too.” He dragged on his jeans. He waffled at the sound of her voice. He needed her too.

He listened to her breathing. His mind transcended to another place and time. His body shuddered tasting her lips and touching her skin.

“Leave the door open.” He hung up and grabbed his keys.

She heard his words but they didn’t register. Until, the doorknob turned and he walked in. The shadows on the wall fantasized the passion between them. Their lips brushed against each other’s and the fire burned once again.

“I could say I am sorry I lost control and reached out to you first, but I am not. I need you, now.” She led him over to the waiting bed and trudged across their memories haphazardly laid out on the floor.

“Come and lay down by my side.” She patted the bed. “Stay with me until morning, please.”

He didn’t hesitate, swiftly disrobed and climbed in beside her. He laid her down on the pillow and covered her mouth with his. “This is wrong, I shouldn’t have come. You will wind up hurt all over again.” He whispered to her and watched her eyes wet with unshed tears.

She kept the same tone, gently she replied. “I was too sad to be alone, please don’t go. I hurt you too.” She pressed her body flush with his. His need evident pulsating against her thigh. “You can’t tell me you don’t want me?”

He circled her nose with his. “I will never lie to you. I will always want you, just like my feelings will never dim.” He kissed her forehead. She was precious to him, but their differences had caused a rift in their relationship.

“I am not asking for tomorrow, I just need you tonight. Tomorrow will take care of itself.” She pressed her lips to his and wiggled her tongue between them. He opened his mouth and sucked her in. She tasted like whiskey and sin, neither one he could resist.

She moaned when his hands roamed her back and squeezed her ass. She caressed his dark curls and scratched his shoulders. The room echoed with the sounds lovers make.

He made his way down her neck to a sweet nipple, taunt and pink. He bit her and she yelped. Then, he soothed her lavishing his tongue back and forth over it. He trailed kisses from right to left and bit the other one. She held his head to her body and craved more. Her hips gyrated against his stomach.

The ambrosia of her arousal assaulted his senses. He inhaled deeply, imprinting the scent in his memory. His scruffy chin scratched down her hip. He flipped her onto her back and delved his tongue deeply between her legs. “Sweet little honey pot.”

She held her knees apart and mewed encouragement to him. Her thoughts were scattered like the picture-perfect memories on the floor. She didn’t want him to stop, now or ever.

He paid homage to her swollen clit and she clenched her body in an orgasmic scream of his name. “That’s my girl.” He mused from below. His nonstop attention gave her satisfaction and when she came down, he took the slick head of his own heat and rubbed against her sensitive slit.

He knew what she wanted now. The past guided him in her preferences. He pushed forward and her body fisted around his. His senses felt drunk and he knew he could never live without her. Memories flooded his mind of all the reasons to stay.

He took her hands in his and raised his body above her and plunged into her repeatedly. Her breasts bounced with his thrusts and she came loudly again.

He commanded her. “Eyes baby, this time together.”

She nodded agreement. Her sleepy drunk eyes focused on his and she was lost in the emotions churning there. She lifted her chin “Harder, I need you NOW.”

Her words unmanned him and he exploded. His own release rocked him off balance. Still inside her, he rested on his elbows above her. “Devil can take tomorrow, but I need you too, now and forever.”

She tugged his body to hers and shed tears of joy. No more sadness or loneliness.

A euphoric haze fell across the room. Suddenly, old memories faded in the wake of the possibility of making new ones. A drunken booty call which led to happily ever after.



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