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Vegas Bride


I heard a song on the radio which motivated me to write this sexy short story. Maddie Simmons was out on the town playing slots when a sexy poker player grabbed her attention. Before the evening was over Cooper McCord had made her his lucky charm. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, in Maddie’s case I am not so sure.    promobride  FREE on KU / $0.99


Coop smirked and crossed his right leg over the left. “Touché, Mrs. McCord. But looks can often be deceiving.” He reached for his cup then asked her the next question. “Are you ready for me to continue my recount of the events of last night?”

Maddie sat her cup down and scooted away from the table. His eyes were dark blue like the night sky. He licked his lips and gazed over her body. They stopped at the opening of her robe.

Her breathing quickened and her breasts heaved. She flushed realizing he desired her. She confessed the chemistry between them was explosive. “Yes, please tell me what I missed.”


Coop pushed up from his chair and offered her his hand. “Let me show you, Maddie baby. I want to make love to my wife.”

She didn’t hesitate. She took his hand and when she stood the robe fell open. Instinctively, his hands slid inside around her waist. “You are a beautiful woman, sensuous and luscious.”

He kissed her neck and she melted into his arms. He met her lips softly at first, more passionately as they grew accustomed to each other. Her lips parted to taste him, sweet and buttery with the bitterness of coffee.




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