2017 Plans

The first arrival of unpublished poetry and a few short stories is currently waiting on you at Amazon.  ( https://www.tinyurl.com/unlockmyheart )

I am hosting a takeover release event on Facebook. I have some key themed and heart loving ideas for giving away. Join me and lets celebrate the beginning of a new writing year.


I will be finishing my W.I.P. Wild Horses. The story of Olivia Hughes and Garrett Thomas.

Olivia Hughes is a damsel in distress when riding in on his black charger is Garrett Thomas. Olivia quickly falls into a time warp and in love with Tomitown, a through-back town with an old western feel. She finds herself questioning how she feels about love and life. Financial ability without the fire of passion leaves her wondering if she can turn in her stilettos for moccasins and a life filled with wild horses.

Unedited Excerpt:

After breakfast, Garrett showed her the horse barn. Inside the tack room, Olivia couldn’t help herself the smell of leather invoked images of lust and reprisal when her fingers cascaded down the riding crop. The decadent thoughts tingled through her and she shivered.

Garrett noticed and stepped up behind her. He rubbed his nose on her ear. “Are you cold my Olivia?” He realized she fingered the leather riding crop. “It is only used for taming wild horses.”

She leaned back against Garrett’s chest. Her buttocks cradled his hardness and thoughts of him swatting her bare bottom inflamed her body. Garrett kissed her neck. She gasped and his hands itched to slide down her body.

He breathed close to her. “You’ve awakened the bear who growls within me.”





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