Nature’s Kiss



Nature’s Kiss    

(Flash Fiction 500 words or less)

He watches me. I can feel his eyes caress my curves. I can hear him sigh when I bend over. He thinks the waterfall drowns out his moans. I hear them. I crave the sound. The rustling of the leaves tells me he is stalking me. “Who is there?”

He won’t answer but I know it is my Beast. It is the full moon. Today is to be our day of union.

I drift into the coolness of the waterfall. Water spills over my body. Let it rain on me.

He moves swiftly to join me. He makes nary a sound slipping up behind me. His arms encircle my waist. He whispers. ”Shall I prepare you to be my mate?” He nips my ear not waiting for an answer and begins the ritual.

He first washes my hair with coconut milk. Next, the tedious method of washing my body with the blossoms he has gathered. First he crushes them in his palms. My arms and back first, then he massages my buttocks. His strong arms reach around to my breasts. The squeezing causes a moan to escape my throat, particularly when he rolls my nipples.

I can feel his big hands sliding down my stomach. He washes me there with rose petals. His arousal is apparent against my cheeks. He reaches the apex of my thighs pressing the soft mound. He slips a finger between my puffy lips to test the pearl. My body arches into his hand and my moans become deeper.

We step into the cascading water to cleanse the remnants of petals from my body. He cups my face with his hands and kisses me deeply. Our tongues tasting each other. I bite his lip and lead him into the place prepared for our joining.

A soft bedding of leaves have been prepared for us. Our eyes meet, I am searching for acceptance within the orbs of ocean blue staring back at me. “You are my beautiful passion flower.”  A humble smile grows on my lips.

His fingers trace the edges of my body and I shiver. He steps toward me and gently lays me on the bed. His big hand covers my breast and his mouth seals mine. “You taste deliciously sweet like mangoes from the trees.”

My fingers knot in his hair pulling him closer to me. He pulls back. We look solemnly into each other’s eyes and begin our vows. I whisper to him, “I am yours Beast. I pledge myself to you. All is lost without you.”

A wicked smile plays across his lips. “I am yours Belinda. I pledge myself to you. All is lost without you.”

We sealed our vows with a kiss. Our fingers entwined together as are hearts surrender as one..

Beast rises above me and I open myself to him. We begin our lovemaking with the stroke of his body entering mine. The night was then filled with the sounds of our love.

Ardent Rose May 2015


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