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Recently I have had the pleasure of sharing the author spotlight with Raven Moon. She bravely hosted 31 Ghoulish Days a takeover event celebrating Halloween, her favorite holiday. We quickly became friends with so much in common besides writing. Raven is a down to earth person with a lot to offer in her stories, as well as her crafting. Her sparkling personality, along with her swag and generous spirit will bowl you over.

Raven was born and raised in Indiana. She lives on a 5-acre farm in the outskirts of Charlestown, Indiana with plenty of space for her family to grow with their many pets.

She is married to the love of her life, she met in 1987. They have 3 wonderful adult children, and 3 beautiful granddaughters. Her grandchildren and children are her life. She loves the country life, late night bon fires with her family and enjoying what Mother Earth has given her.

When Raven isn’t writing, she is taking care of her granddaughters, homestead and making Swag, or as she calls it, pretties. She loves taking photos of her family and Nature and loves to garden.

Raven started writing after she lost her father unexpectedly in 2014. She wrote and published her first Novel in 2015. She has overcome many obstacles in her writing, but she pushed forward with the love and support of her family and many friends.

Raven never in her wildest dreams thought of becoming an Author, but here she is, trying to live a dream that come from a tragedy.
Destiny of the Witch, Mountains of the Immortals Book One is a Paranormal Suspense Romance with many twists and turns. She is in the progress of writing the second in the series.



About a week ago I read Destiny of the Witch. There is a mixture of suspense and paranormal that takes you to the edge and just when you think you have it figured out another secret. Rainelle’s angst is palpable and Raven has kept me on the edge of my seat throughout…she spins a fabulous tale of dreams and adventure you don’t want to miss. A slow build up with a jolt of danger as Rainelle searches for her destiny. The best part is  Raven Moon pulls you into the story and leaves you wanting more..

Q:  Why did you choose the paranormal genre?

RM:  It is something I believe in and love stories of fact and fiction in that field.

Q:  What inspired this story?

RM: I lost my father and started to keep a journal of my feelings and somehow, in the midst of writing, Destiny of the Witch unfolded. A Dream from a Dream out of a Tragedy.

Q: I am sorry to hear about your Father, something else we have I common… How much research did you have to do for his story?

RM:  Just the parts for the Caverns. It all come from my twisted mind but my mother and I travel to the Great Smokey Mountains a few times a year. It is her favorite place to go and I love making the memories with her while I can.

I particularly enjoyed the Native American lore you added, is it true about the caves.

RM:  Some is true, but some is fiction.

Q: Tell me about your next book in the series?

RM:   Diary of a Witch, Mountains of the Immortals Book Two 

Rainelle and Reed Sterling’s 18th birthday is quickly approaching. With only a few weeks left of high school before they graduate and start their life out in the world, Rainelle’s mother hands her a personal Diary. The O’Brien women have a tradition that’s has passed down from one generation to the next as far back as the early 1700’s. Rainelle’s mom, Patricia O’Brien Sterling believes in keeping true to her Celtic roots in Ireland regardless if Rainelle agrees or not. Patricia hopes that one day she will embark on her daughter’s life journeys through her writing as Patricia did with her mother. Rainelle can’t wait to script her deepest, darkest secrets in the Leather Dragon Diary with a Maroon Quill Fountain pen that her mother gave her. Rainelle rushes off to her room sitting down at her desk with her pen in hand she begins writing. Making sure to leave no page unwritten. Rainelle didn’t know that accepting the Diary; she is opening up another world that she may not be able to contain. With many secrets kept hidden by the O’Brien woman unexplained events begin to happen. When she becomes exhausted from lack of sleep, drama at school incidents get worse, and she has no choice but to tell her mother. Rainelle has her dark secrets that must be kept. Some occurrences are not as they seem. Rainelle is about to discover the reality of keeping a Diary from the Celtic heritage; she knows nothing of. Can she overcome the trouble that arises? Will her life be forever changed? Will her deepest and darkest secrets stay hidden? Will she be prepared for the Destiny that awaits her?

You can find Destiny of the Witch on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords.
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  1. What a great interview. Ardent you found the true feeling of Destiny of the Witch it will stay with you forever. Thank you for doing this for Raven Moon ❤


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