Callie and the Capricorn

Callie and the Capricorn
Second story in the Water Nymphs of Oceania

Excerpt from Callie & the Capricorn

Callie returned to find Pharos had taken on the human male form. He stood tall with a broad chest. His legs long and lean, his arms strong and bold, his face still alabaster and his eyes glowed with arousal.

“If I am dreaming, please don’t wake me. I have thought of little else since the day you appeared to me and our connection feels even stronger.”

He stood toe to toe with Callie. “When your fiery red hair floated into that cave, you sent flames through my body like none I have ever known.”

He tangled his fingers in her hair and forced her head back. “Now all I want to do is quench my burning desire inside your body.”

Callie gasped but her body betrayed her. She was flushed and warmth pooled between her legs. Her hands wrapped around his waist, she felt his need for her.

His eyes told her of the lust that burned in his loins. His mouth covered hers with a deep smothering kiss.

She parted her lips and allowed his tongue in her mouth. He tasted of plums and grapes, and hungered for more.

One of his hands crushed her body against his and squeezed her buttocks in pleasure. “Callie, I need you to be with me.” HIs eyes roamed her face and his hands stroked her cheeks. “Will you lay in my bed and allow me the privilege to indulge?”

Ardent Rose October 2016


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