DR. Naughty Series

Couples Therapy     Over the next four weeks we will be following Couples Therapy, if you are anxious for more please check out this link...The Dr. Naughty Collection https://tinyurl.com/naughtycollection     Dr. Lucas Monroe specializes in marital therapy. Some may even call him a sex therapist. Sandra Garrett grows tired of the lack of sex … Continue reading DR. Naughty Series

New Release Burdened Souls

NEW RELEASE Can love heal their burdened souls? Burdened Souls by Jessi McPherson #Romance #Erotic #Suspense #KindleUnlimited hyperurl.co/BurdenedSoulsSeries1 5***** Review By Ardent Rose  Ms McPherson has penned a beautifully tragic story that made me cry, laugh and most of all ready for more... Dillon Shade will quickly steal your heart Josliyn Michael moved back to New Orleans after a … Continue reading New Release Burdened Souls

Dr. Naughty Series

CLERICAL ERROR The damn alarm clock didn’t go off this morning. I absolutely hate running late. Furthermore, the dog is having a yippy-yappy fit at the front door. “Lucy, come to momma. Lucy, come here.” All my shouts to no avail, what is she barking about? Through the living room curtain there is a shadowy … Continue reading Dr. Naughty Series

New Release from Smoke and Mirrors Ink

#NewRelease From Russia, With Love by Erin Lee Love. Family. Freedom. Some things are worth the fight. #NewAdult #Military #Romance #KindleUnlimited https://hdtk.co/vwvyZ Ahha (Anna) Antipova was four years old the day her strung-out mother left her and her brother alone on the side of the road. After a year spent in a Russian orphanage, the … Continue reading New Release from Smoke and Mirrors Ink

Dr. Naughty Series

THE DOCTOR IS IN PART I I scan my daily calendar before getting into the shower. Today is going to be a long one. I have appointments scheduled all day. I see the first one at 9:30, I better get dressed. I flip over a page and notice something circled in red. A doctor’s appointment … Continue reading Dr. Naughty Series

Part 3 Rendezvous In Cabo

Date Night They showered off sand and salt in places it should never be and took a short nap. The ocean breeze cooled their warm bodies and the sound of waves lapping at the shore line lulled them into a refreshing slumber. Clarissa woke up first and grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge. … Continue reading Part 3 Rendezvous In Cabo

RE Release of Wild Horses

Wild Horses …. A romantic novella with some spicy erotica… Olivia Hughes finds herself a damsel in distress when her car breaks down. Riding in on his black charger (a black Ford F150) is handsome Garrett Thomas. Olivia quickly falls into a backwater town, Tomitown. The quiet lazy feel of an old western town helps … Continue reading RE Release of Wild Horses

Rendezvous in Cabo Part 2

Picnic on the Beach Clarissa awoke to the sunshine streaming through the patio doors. A soft breeze floated over her sore body. She tried to extricate herself quietly from the bed, but Gavin held her in a tight grasp. She watched him sleep. He had long eyelashes and luscious lips. Reaching her finger to his … Continue reading Rendezvous in Cabo Part 2

Rendezvous In Cabo

The Acceptance Clarissa had spent many hours on-line with Gavin. She loved everything about him. He was handsome and smart, with a Scottish accent that would wet any girl’s panties. He was about six feet tall, dark hair and big brown eyes, a scruffy beard and a wicked sense of humor. When the trip was … Continue reading Rendezvous In Cabo


My Books-My World


IMG_2553What’s your name and what genre would you consider your books to be?

My pen name is Ardent Rose, but my friends call me Rose. I write in several genres but mostly romantic erotica.

Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)?

Wild Horses is a love story about a woman who finds herself on the side of the road with a flat in the middle of nowhere. Olivia is a city girl and before she can go toward town in her heels and dress her knight drives up in a truck. Garrett is a horse rancher who rescues her. They strike up a friendship which leads to much more.  

I have a friend of mine loves horses and he encouraged me to write what he called ‘our story’. A pure work of fiction, I started…

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