Solo Live Write 8/11/17

On August 11th, I was honored to become an official author for the House of Dark Angel Publishing. As the fates decided I would write on my own for an hour that evening telling my own tale to the picture seen here. I hope you enjoy it. Please join Dark Angel Live Writes each Friday … Continue reading Solo Live Write 8/11/17



DGW2 Mending HeartsĀ Dillon GreyWolfe takes a vacation to let his heart heal. The cold winds of Colorado seemed the perfect spot, Manitou Springs held the perfect attraction. Until one morning he notices a beautiful woman with a baby in danger. Vacation over time to be a protector. Excerpt Wolfe smashed his mouth over … Continue reading DGW II MENDING HEARTS


DGW1 Stolen HeartĀ Dillon GreyWolfe was a well-known bounty hunter. He specialized in fugitive recovery and personal protection. Wolfe had no idea his next assignment he'd be doing both. Maranda Wright was in over her head and he was the only one who could save her and along the way, a heart would get … Continue reading DGW I STOLEN HEART

Dark Demon

Dark Demon Deep in his soul the demon lies His power appears in his eyes Hypnotizing predator out for prey With candles burning today is the day His darkness bleeds through his touch Consuming her in truculent lust Chains restrain her to his will Caution the danger is his thrill Sweat drips and her breathes … Continue reading Dark Demon