Incredible Anthology

HEY THERE, I LOVE YOU! Seven Authors combined efforts to bring a stunning anthology of romance stories. Best part all proceeds are donated to Wounded Warrior Project.  Wonderful stories include A Blinding Flash by Toni Bolton, Aries by C.G. Lee, Conquering Fate by Screaming Mimi, Christmas in Dixie by Darlene Tillman, What Should Have Been by … Continue reading Incredible Anthology


Spotlight Leah Negron

About the Author:  Leah Negron is a happily married woman with a love for animals and animal rescuing. She is a member of the Bayonne Elks 434 and Hudson County Animal League. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, and promote authors of all genres. Having first appeared in Michael Gagain's book “The … Continue reading Spotlight Leah Negron


 (`*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸ (`*•.¸♡¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´) ❥❥❥Cowboy Take Me Away❥❥❥ (¸.•*´(¸.•*´ (¸.•*´(¸.•*´♡`*•.¸)`*•.)`*•.¸)`*•.¸.) ☪❥by: Ardent Rose❥☪ ❥❥ ❥❥ Cowboy Take Me Away excerpt … Garrett growled and twirled her around to face him again. “The way you're slugging those drinks down makes me wonder if Jake has something to do with it?” Olivia scrunched her nose. “Jake, why would … Continue reading NEW RELEASE

Trust the Process

I can hardly believe another year has passed. I look back at the months and see change plus positive progress. I realize it has been almost a year since I published a book or story, thanks to those who have stuck by me. I recognize my fan base may have suffered but I am a … Continue reading Trust the Process

Halloween Live Write 2017

NuRomantic Halloween Live Write  Steven Evans and Rose Ardent (SE)  I search for these rogue souls lost in the darkness. The are blind to the light of the world and lose their way easily. Of course, my scythe gleaming proudly isn't exactly a welcome home beacon. It's edges have been seasoned for centuries by the stench of … Continue reading Halloween Live Write 2017

Society’s Black Hole

The sky changes from year to year Pollution is our climate control Eats up our resources How will our children live? Other worlds to explore Heavens opened up the door Blocking out the sunlit paths When will we get our lands back? Portals opened invading our space Taking over our home space Wrecking havoc without … Continue reading Society’s Black Hole

When Pigs Fly

If pigs could fly Upon purple wings And travel to lands in faraway dreams Mountains of treasures they would bring Fairies would dance and sprites would sing. If pigs did fly with purple wings. If pigs can fly with purple wings Jealous animals feel the sting How did the pig earn those things? The cow … Continue reading When Pigs Fly

Poetry Live Write

Grindhouse Poetry Live Write With Steven Evans (AR) He worships my body down to my toes The candle casts an eerie glow Shadows caress the darkness inside Awash in the sins I cannot hide Behold the presence of demon screams Once in my mind and only a dream Drifting on the sea of consciousness Voluntarily … Continue reading Poetry Live Write

Solo Live Write 8/11/17

On August 11th, I was honored to become an official author for the House of Dark Angel Publishing. As the fates decided I would write on my own for an hour that evening telling my own tale to the picture seen here. I hope you enjoy it. Please join Dark Angel Live Writes each Friday … Continue reading Solo Live Write 8/11/17


DGW2 Mending Hearts Dillon GreyWolfe takes a vacation to let his heart heal. The cold winds of Colorado seemed the perfect spot, Manitou Springs held the perfect attraction. Until one morning he notices a beautiful woman with a baby in danger. Vacation over time to be a protector. Excerpt Wolfe smashed his mouth over … Continue reading DGW II MENDING HEARTS


DGW1 Stolen Heart Dillon GreyWolfe was a well-known bounty hunter. He specialized in fugitive recovery and personal protection. Wolfe had no idea his next assignment he'd be doing both. Maranda Wright was in over her head and he was the only one who could save her and along the way, a heart would get … Continue reading DGW I STOLEN HEART